Yorvik Engineering Services  Flocking

At Yorvik Engineering Services we provide a superior flocking service to industrial, trade and retail customers.

  • Automotive Applications
  • Display / Marketing Applications
  • Interior Design Applications

We use the latest specification equipment / methods and only use industry standard materials to ensure that our finished products meet your high expectations. Between us we have over 60 years experience in engineering solutions.

Whether it is an individual “one off” item, or a small / medium batch run, you will be guaranteed a professional approach and a high standard of work.

See applications pages for more information.

Flocking is the process of adhering NylonŽ fibres to an item with a compatible adhesive. The fibres are “sprayed” onto the item using high voltage electrostatic generation equipment.“velvet” effect.

The fibres are manufactured from NylonŽ and are used because of their strength, durability, accurate manufacturability tolerances and high melting point properties. NylonŽ also has the ability to hold a static charge, which is critical for the correct application.

Our equipment charges the fibres with electrostatic, so they are propelled at velocity onto the item. Because the fibres carry a charge they become embedded “end on” into the adhesive and create a uniform flock coating (approx 150,000 fibres per sq in.)


See PDF Colour Charts for all available colours.