Yorvik Engineering Services  Flocking Applications

Motorsport Applications:

Y.E.S. can flock dashboards (full or top section), instrument binnacles, gauge pods, door cards, cockpit interiors etc.s a “one off” item, a small batch run for a single make challenge or a production batch for a high profile team, we will be happy to advise / quote.

The advantages of having a dashboard area flocked for competition use are:

  • Minimise glare (black flock absorbs light from any angle and prevents it reflecting on to the windscreen)
  • Hard wearing durable finish
  • Abrasion resistant
  • High meting point (220 deg C)
  • Light weight finish
  • Water resistant
  • Heat insulation
  • Reduced condensation

Y.E.S. can flock components for:

  • Rally Cars (WRC, Group A, Group N and clubman spec cars)
  • Single Seaters
  • Sprint / Hillclimb Cars
  • Trackday Enthusiasts Cars
  • Saloon / Touring Cars
  • Bikes (Instrument / Telemetry / Communication binnacles)
  • Power Boat Cockpits / Bridge Areas

(We can supply flat or moulded carbon fibre inserts (pre drilled if required) for dashboards at an additional cost)

Road Car Applications:

Dashboards, interior trim, parcel shelves, door cards, speaker boxes, roof linings, DVD screen surrounds, boot areas, sound reducing panels, door / boot seals and customisation applications.or:

  • Sports Cars
  • Custom Cars
  • Kit Car Manufacturers
  • Caravan/Motorhome/Camper interior components
  • Leisure Boat interior components

Please see our range of colour charts (Note: that the customer will be responsible for removing and refitting all items sent to us for flocking)

The Process:
  1. Parts are inspected and cleaned to remove any polymer based residue for polish / valeting lacquer
  2. Any small holes / cracks can be repaired (small additional cost applied)
  3. The items are spray primed to industrial standards
  4. 2 pack epoxy resin glue and appropriate pigment are mixed and spayed onto the items
  5. The colour fibres are then applied using electrostatic spray equipment
  6. The product is then left to cure for 24 hours in a temperature / humidity controlled environment
  7. The item is then inspected, packed and dispatched

Other Applications

  • Shop Fittings / Shelves
  • Marketing Displays
  • Reception Area / Board Room / Customer Area decorative panels, displays, signs and logos in 2D and 3D profiles
  • Instrument / Display cabinet inserts (e.g. industry, museums)
  • Stage furniture / props / backdrops
  • Wall Displays / Murals (e.g. councils, corporate companies, hospitals, schools, crèche’s)
  • Instrument and Flight case inserts

Y.E.S can flock the above examples. Most of our customers supply their items in moulded plastic, polystyrene or MDF substrates ready for us to flock. If there is a suitable adhesive available, then we can generally flock coat most items (Our maximum work size is 6’ X 4’)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.